Countries that you can get Red Diesel in

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Red diesel or dyed diesel is low duty type of diesel fuel if compared to the typical white road diesel. Red diesel is renowned in various names such as agricultural diesel, tractor diesel, generator fuel, cherry fuel, 35 second oil to name a few.

Uses of Red Diesel

  • Gas oil is slightly taxed and its usage is strictly limited to untaxed and off road cars such as diggers and tractors and horticultural equipment and even agricultural equipment. Rebated fuel could also power earth moving equipment, drilling and piling machinery, cranes as well as static diesel powered equipment like pumps, generators and industrial heating and cooling machinery.
  • The uses of dyed diesel or red diesel are prevalent all throughout civil engineering, construction, marine leisure, agriculture as well as commercial businesses.

Now that you know what exactly red diesel is as well as its uses, perhaps you have question in mind regarding where to find this red diesel. For your information, there are lots of countries particularly in Europe that offers this kind of diesel. Here are the countries that offer red diesel.

UK or United Kingdom

Red diesel is a source of fuel and heating oil which is popularly available in UK, for a very reasonable price, specifically due to the market competition. A lot of suppliers in UK will offer and deliver you needed amount of oil wherever you need it and even give the facility for you look to the most up to date costs on the company’s website. This permits you to compare costs with ease, looking which is the best one for you. So, if you are looking for a red diesel for tractors, look no further because there are lots of companies that offer red diesel, it is just a matter of research.


Poland is also one of the best sources of red fuels. Even before, this country offers this kind of diesel. Aside from that, they are also renowned for various colors of diesel like blue, brown and many more.

North America

In the US, the EPA mandate utilize of dyed fuels to determine high sulfur fuels for off road usage. Solvent Red 26 is utilized in the US as an average even if it is frequently substituted with the red 164 which is similar to red 26. Now, US is one of the leading sources of red fuels. Other countries in European Union that offer red diesel or dyed diesel take account of Germany and Denmark. Canada is also a good source of red fuels.

With the economic climate presently in a downturn, it’s not surprising that a lot of people and companies have started to take benefit of the cost advantage and begin using red diesel for many purposes like running of normal diesel cars. It is for the very reason that diesel is colored or dyed red and the government have restricted ways of methods of detection. Utilizing this diesel without permission is a serious criminal offence that has a serious punishment.


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