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Start Casting Extras for your Christmas Commercial NOW!

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If you’re as much of a Christmas fanatic as us, you’ll agree that it is never too early to begin planning for the festive season. The battle for the no.1 Christmas commercial is growing increasingly fierce each year, and of late, ads by the likes of Coca Cola and John Lewis have become the signal to us viewers […]


Oil news Heating Oil Oxfordshire

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The Heating Oil Oxfordshire team would like to share some news which will certainly cause mixed emotions. Shell gained the ability to continue drilling in the Arctic on the 11th of may 2015 but today they lost the ability to drill within the Arctic, other major oil companies such as, ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell have been […]


Every business needs 5s training

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The EQMS team have been helping businesses for several years by giving them quality training and providing them with knowledge to better there solving strategies. 5s training is the most common within businesses as it gives workers the ability to organise their workplace in the safest and most efficient manner. 5S is a systematic and methodical […]